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Hi, this is Joel Young, the creator of The NPA Process.

Finding your cookie cutters is one of those vital things you need to understand in order to make the most of NPA, and what you’ve already bought is really going to bring that home for you…

And what I’d really like to let you know is that there are a whole set of other NPA skills and concepts that will complete your understanding of The NPA Process.

These further information blocks will not only enhance and expand your possibilities, but are also offered in an 'access anywhere’, easy to digest form.

ALL of these extra instructions, teachings, insights and ideas are available in my comprehensive audio programme called “NPA: The Bridge”. It’s available on my website right now for the already excellent price of $297… but, because you have just bought the Key Word Cheat Sheet, if you would like to complete your understanding of The NPA Process then, on this page, I want to offer you the entire programme at less than half price

(And don’t forget you already own one of the most fundamental teachings - how to find your cookie cutters, in the form of a cheat sheet!)

If you’re anything like me, it will be a quick road for you, from “Boy this amazing process is so simple” to “Oh my Lord, there’s a LOT more to this than I thought - I got questions, and I gotta know more!

As the creator of NPA I’ve been the ultimate pioneer for those questions and answers. With the help of feedback and experiences with the super-early adopters who came to my seminars, online programmes, 1:1 sessions and just offered feedback from what they’d found on the web, I gathered and garnered a deep understanding of non-personal awareness and The NPA Process.

I answered questions like:

  • Can I use it with kids?
  • Can I use it in my business?
  • Do I need to repeat the process… if so, how and when?
  • How do I know when I am complete?
  • How do I use it to work with friends, family and clients?
  • What are Cookie Cutters really? And what they're not?
  • How come NPA is so amazing with Autistic kids and what are the lesson we can all learn from that?
  • Why can NPA facilitate massive change without the need for analysis, deep emotional work or digging for limiting beliefs?
  • Why is nurturing your ability to spot ‘Animation' the key to living Gracefully?
  • How is it that NPA works seamlessly with the mechanisms of a Life?
  • What’s an NPA "flip” process and how do I do it?

Just to name a few!

And the answer to all these questions and more are waiting for you inside your copy of NPA: The Bridge (our audio programme)

Plus you'll discover...

The Inspiring Fundamentals Of NPA…

The Birth of NPA

Be inspired by the story of how The NPA Process was born in answer to a prayer and set me on a path that would re-educate me from the ground up!

The Divine Wind

This story, which I tell at my live seminars and is the foundational NPA metaphor and has been much requested and has finally been recorded and made available (narrated by me) as part of this programme

The Power of Awareness

Discover the 3 power qualities of awareness that are expressed through the change process and why awareness is the fundamental engine at the heart of NPA

How NPA Maps Out A Paradigm Shifting Model of Reality…

NPA & Science

In easy to understand terms, learn how quantum physics supports the non-personal perspective and why the new ‘energetic’ mindset is changing our planet forever

NPA & Spirituality

Discover NPA’s ‘post-awakening’ model of consciousness. Gain clarity and releif as it resolves the paradoxes found in modern Spiritual thinking and invites genuine wholeness

The Nature of Suffering & It’s Simple Solution

My insights into the nature and source of suffering have been described as ‘mind blowing’. I offer them here and through my explanation of the ‘Cycle of Experience’ I reveal a simple way to end it

How To Apply The NPA Process for Maximum Impact, Freedom & Release…

The Art of Eliciting Cookie Cutters

Discover how to use the set up questions in NPA to find ‘Animated‘ Cookie Cutter energies that are the start point of the NPA process and your keys to freedom. This is what your cheat sheet describes, but this adds the listen-anywhere audio dimension into your learning experience

The NPA Process Line By Line

I break down the process and reveal the purpose, action and intent of each line. I point out distinctions, clarify common misconceptions and help you ‘get it’ at the deepest possible level

Facilitation Guides

Throughout the programme, I offer detailed facilitation guidance for working with yourself or with others. There are also live recordings of The NPA Process in action

How NPA Is The Stuff of Dreams…

Manifesting with NPA

Discover the biggest trap that people fall into when interpreting ‘manifestation’ concepts and learn how to use NPA to gracefully let in the yummy stuff of life

The NPA Programmes

Get detailed instructions for the powerful 30 & 33 day NPA programmes that help shift the stubborn stains on your experience. See painful prevailing habits, emotional patterns & ingrained traits wash away

Bringing NPA Alive in You

Discover how to have the Non-Personal perspective ‘come alive’ in you and establish a more energetic and fluid experience of reality, where everything falls magically into place

A Deeper Understanding of Non-Personal Transformation…

Melting Resistance

Whether in yourself, your mother, kids, spouse or teenage hoard you’ve probably hit resistance with many personal growth and/or healing approaches. NPA seems oddly acceptable to these folks – find out why

Working Beyond Belief

Learn why NPA doesn’t require your belief and hear how: many people have used the NPA Process almost with cynicism, and certainly without any belief in it, only to come back amazed at the results

Expanding Healing Potential

I bust some of the modern healing myths that could actually be limiting your healing potential and explain how NPA both embraces AND expands these ideas – opening a more effortless route to wholeness


With your copy of NPA: The Bridge, you’ll also get…

A Complete Transcript

Get a beautifully presented transcript of the entire audio programme on PDF, including the appendices, to read through at your leisure, put on your reading tablet or print out!

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See what customers who bought NPA: The Bridge have to say:

Glen Williams Canada

I listen to NPA: The Bridge everyday on my way to and from work. Very glad I made that purchase. Had my yearly physical on Tuesday and my cholesterol is the lowest it’s ever been! Must be NPA working it’s magic. Thanks, Glen.

Holly Reardon USA

I can’t even express to you how much this has impacted my life already so quickly!!

Gina Lind Finland

My issue was that I felt I was always alone… (After the programme) I almost instantly noticed changes in my life – I got phone calls, I met my son in the supermarket (first time ever!!), I got an invitation to a Midsummer party, I got an invitation to become a true friend to a person I admired, the man I had such deep feelings for contacted me and wanted to see me. I was so thankful for everything and the many other small changes that came.

Eric Clark ON., Canada

NPA is like the key to the kingdom for anyone who will just try simplicity and dare to use a few choice words

L.T., New York USA

Elicitation and animation were huge things I learned from taking the course. My “cookie cutters” and their opposites, the positive affirmations, are great, but they seem a bit flat now, compared to what a genuine animated cookie cutter is.

Cookie Cutter Cheat Sheet Cover

ALL the extra instructions, teachings, insights and ideas are in this comprehensive audio programme and it's yours at No Risk, so click 'add to cart' now!

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P.S.: As you bought The Ultimate Cookie Cutter Cheat Sheet I'm guessing there's more than one thing causing you stress in your life and/or you're looking to work with other people using NPA. So, choosing to buy 'NPA: The Bridge', is the natural next step and with the 30 day guarantee there's no risk, so you might as well do it now, especially as it's being offered to you here at such a low price, and for a limited time only.