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Thanks for ordering “NPA: The Bridge"

Thanks for purchasing NPA: The Bridge and entering further into the wonderful world of Non-Personal Awareness! I hope it brings you what you're looking for with NPA, the process and it's message.

Like all things in life that cross our path, we get to discover and develop what our relationship with it is. You're about to get deeper into this relationship and I hope, like all the best ones, it brings you a lot of joy as well as helping you grow beyond where you thought possible.

As before, the access link to your copy of “NPA: The Bridge" has been sent to the email you provided to our friends at when you made the purchase… I really appreciate you coming this far, and please allow a few minutes for it to arrive… Also, if you haven't already, please add and to your safe list…

If you have time, please enjoy this free bonus…

By way of a thank you, and also to inspire you a little more right away, I want to give you a free bonus.

Now that your copy of NPA: The Bridge is on it's way, you'll be learning heaps more about NPA. One of those things is how to use NPA with "the stubborn stains" on your life experience. For that, we use 'NPA Programmes'

I tell you all about it on the audio programme, which you can listen to anytime and anywhere, but I thought it would be fun to share a video I made of me sharing how the programmes came about.

It was recorded live in Toronto, Canada back in 2011 and it's a really fun story. It's also got a few insightful gems thrown in along with the regular teaching.

The video is called:

How I Fell Out Of Love with Chocolate & Fell In Love with Salad in Just 10 Days​

You can watch it right here on this page below:

(It's 11 minutes of pure gold, and my thank you gift to you!​)

I'll be checking in with you by email with an invitation to get to know each other better, and to find out how I may be able to help you get more of what you want from me and/or NPA

Thanks again, and I hope you get HEAPS of value from your experience and practice of NPA and NPA: The Bridge

Love & Blessings,