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You may have heard many a wise person say that it’s a good idea to ‘not take things personally’, but you probably haven’t been given a simple way to do that... until now!

Learn how you can feel clear and centred around the people in your life who say or do things that cause you stress

"Don't Take Them Personally"

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I listen to NPA: The Bridge everyday on my way to and from work. Very glad I made that purchase. Had my yearly physical on Tuesday and my cholesterol is the lowest it’s ever been! Must be NPA working it’s magic. Thanks, Glen.

Glen Williams
Toronto, Canada

NPA: The Bridge

This comprehensive & profound instructional audio programme for mastering The NPA Process gives you the keys to the life you've been seeking.

Using NPA to it’s fullest is a matter of some simple instruction, a shift in mindset about what’s possible and a little practice.

In this audio programme, Joel will walk you through the fundamental principles of Non-Personal Awareness. He will teach you, in depth, how to apply the NPA process and offer you practices and examples of how you can use it to make a huge difference in your life right away.

It’s an investment you’ll thank yourself for, over and over!

The Best Possible Help For The Changes You Want To See

"If you’re looking for help in resolving current issues or improving your life experience, the fastest, easiest and most effective way for you to do that with NPA is to let me help you directly."

Joel Young, The Creator of The NPA Process​

A tiny sample of the feedback for NPA...

Nola Wicks Therapist, New Zealand

I was amazed how quickly the technique moved me to a new perspective… I find I'm much more 'together', don't take offence or get defensive with people (one person in particular) and can 'see through' them  ... and it now doesn't bother me, as I just don't take it on board. I'm more 'myself', and seeing them more truly - but no bitterness, just compassion and still caring about them. It truly is 'not personal' for me anymore.

Marie-José Tichelaar Psychologist, Netherlands

I've offered the NPA to several of my contacts and cliënts: Their experiences are without excpetion profound during the NPA.

Kate James Carer, UK

I used NPA with my mother and 3 sisters and came away with 4 very positive family members and the experience of changing their lives. It felt amazing and they are still using it, to recognise unexpected gifts and to experience them. THANK YOU JOEL! you are an amazing teacher!!!

Mikkola Ritva Business Controller, Finland

I do not feel as guilty as before. I've started to feel that I am not responsible for other's lives and I have the right to live my own life and do what I would like to do. I've started to experience a wonderful freedom.


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