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This is kinda weird but, potentially, very profound...

​The NPA Process is a simple 6-line process that helps you stop taking things personally. On the back of that, it's an approach that, in an amazing array of situations, can help you let go of the yukky stuff, and let in the yummy stuff of life.

What makes the process so versatile, is that you can match it to your situation by discovering  the 'connected key word(s)' that​ link your awareness to the situation. I call those 'connected key word(s)' Cookie Cutters and teach you how to find them in diverse situations elsewhere.

When you're looking to resolve specific issues in your life, there's​ a number of steps and a unique set of skills you need to learn. However, over the years, I have found that there are some ways to 'play' with The NPA Process, have some fun and potentially make a powerful and unexpected shift in your sense of self. This is one of them, and it's all here for free. You're welcome. 😉

Fun Time: Find Your NPA Name

​It's a simple idea. Use the key in the graphic below to find your "NPA Name", based on your birthday. Each month and each numbered day of a month has been assigned a quality that aligns with Non-Personal Awareness.

Get your NPA Name:

First look for the quality assigned to the month you were born in (write it down, that's the first part of your NPA Name). Then look at the day of the month you were born, and​ write down the quality assigned to that day (it's the second part of your NPA Name)

What's Your NPA Name

​Pretty cool name right? Now, this is where it get's really interesting...

Run your NPA Name through The NPA Process...

Your NPA Name is your 'Cookie Cutter' for the process on this occasion. All that means is that you take your NPA Name, put it in the blank space that appears in the first 5 lines of the process, then speak all 6 lines out loud.

Take a moment to simply notice and honour what, if any, internal experience you have after saying the lines. Sometimes people have profound emotional experiences, sometimes they giggle, sometimes there are revelations and "Aha's"​. Often people describe a sense of home coming.

Here's an example of how it would run if your were born on December 21st (plus it lays out the 6 lines of the NPA Process, if you don't know them...​

Find Your NPA Name - an example

So you just have to swap out "Silent Joy" for your NPA Name (if you're not born on December 21st, obviously) and there you have it!

Remember to approach this in the spirit of fun, exploration and openness!

Also, I'd love to hear what your NPA Name is, and what your NPA Process experience​ was in the comments below.

Love & Blessings


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The NPA Process Creator, Joel Young has over 20 years experience as a professional facilitator and trainer of personal transformation. His understanding of human dynamics, his emotional fluency and his gentle-yet-firm style ensures time spent with him is profoundly impactful. Learn about Joel's sessions​ HERE

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