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References & Recommendations For Joel Young & His Work

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Joel Young: References & Recommendations

“I have known Joel for many years as Journey Practitioners, he is extremely talented and intuitive in the work he so generously shares. Joel has great depth of understanding and compassion and I would highly recommend you to his work with Non Personal Awareness, it is a gift to us all.”

Jan Ricketts, Journey Practitioner, Self employed
worked directly with Joel at NPA Central

“My personal experience of Joel is someone who is a gifted, intuitive and inspirational speaker, with the ability to present discussions in such a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand and at the same time extremely engaging for his audience. I highly recommend Joel Young.”

Lesley Robin, Managing Director, Exclusive Journeys
worked directly with Joel at NPA Central

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Joel these past few years and being walked through his NPA Process on a Co=Creation Cafe Call. Joel is a very centered individual who has done a lot of personal work, which benefits all who work with him. His passion is sharing NPA (Non-Personal Awareness) so that everyone can release the stories that hold them back and be free to express their unique gifts to the world. I highly recommend Joel Young and NPA often ~ if you have a chance to participate in one of his live events, go for it!”

Nancy Barry-Jansson, Teaching | Mentoring, AffirmingSpirit.com
worked with Joel at NPA Central

“Joel is an amazing teacher who has the ability to explain vast and extraordinary truths in a way which is both easy to understand and to apply in life. I don’t think it’s overstating it to say that his work is revolutionary.”

Samantha Nolan Smith, Logistics Manager, The Journey
worked directly with Joel at NPA Central

“The results that can be achieved from such a simple process as NPA are amazing. Joel has a wonderfully soothing, reassuring way of teaching NPA and I was fortunate enough to receive this on a 1-1 basis. Joel & NPA helped me through a rough patch, and has given me an extra piece of kit for my own client toolbox. Joel is always more than happy to keep in touch, sharing any new insights arising from courses since the original training session.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Carolyn Arnold,
hired Joel as an NPA Trainer in 2010

“Joel is warm and compassionate and the method he developed gets your life flowing in a simple and profound way.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Hilda Versluijs-Eering,
hired Joel as a coach in 2010

“Joel is a gifted therapist with a light, easy touch and a high level of clarity and understanding. He has a powerful and effective toolkit and is very intuitive. If you are truly intent on finding what isn’t working, and changing it to something that is, or if you simply want to open to greater possibility, he is the man to see.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Richard Cherns,
hired Joel as a Therapist in 2004, and hired Joel more than once

“Having Joel present the first NPA course in Spain was a treat. His innovative teaching and leading style, working in complete integrity, meant that course participants were able to relax and allow themselves to be involved fully in their learning. And what learning! Joel is a master at putting things across in a simple, yet informative way. We continue to enjoy working with him and look forward to the next NPA event in Spain.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Paul Davies,
hired Joel as a Course Facilitator in 2011

“I first met Joel Young in my role as co-organiser of a very successful NPA (Non Personal Awareness) event in Dublin, October 2010. Immediately, I recognised within him a deep sense of personal awareness and spiritual connection, and a liberating penchant for fun and mischief! Joel is an extraordinarily gifted individual; a highly experienced trainer and facilitator, both empathic and compassionate, and a deeply spiritual human being. As such, he has been gifted with the discovery and creation of Non Personal Awareness (NPA), a unique Energy Psychology technique that continues to change the lives of many of us who attended the training workshop. He is a truly remarkable human being who daily ‘walks his talk’, and whom I am proud to consider my friend.”

Paul O’Connor, Director, DAEDALUS [vision¦creativity¦innovation¦change] was with another company when working with Joel at NPA Central

“Joel is a great guy dedicated to service and cares about helping people liberate themselves so they can be their best selves. I found his work interesting and insightful and he helped me a lot at a transitional point in my life.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Nick Williams,
hired Joel as a Career Coach in 2010, and hired Joel more than once

“Joel’s approach to personal and professional life is highly inspiring. He manages to use simple words and action to point people in the direction of well-being in all ways. His integrity, depth of compassion and understanding creates an immense sense of safety and openness. His sense of humour and clarity elegantly guide the powerful non-personal message he is sharing internationally.”

Arnold Timmerman, European seminar presenter, The Journey Seminars Ltd
worked directly with Joel at NPA Central

“Joel is one of the most authentic, fun, funky presenters I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His way of engaging people into stepping into their own personal power is amazing and his methods truly effective. I will continue to work with him at every chance I get!”

Genevieve Boast, Founder, Emergency Happiness
was with another company when working with Joel at NPA Central

“Joel is a man of extraordinary vision and commitment. He has dedicated his life to raising consciousness in this world. I honor working with him and bringing his energy and message to my Nightly Healing listeners. I look forward to collaborating many times in the future.”

Vicki Lichtman, Owner, Nightly Healing
was with another company when working with Joel at NPA Central

“Joel is a top notch speaker and trainer who is passionate about helping others achieve higher levels of success. Joel is a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness, with years of experience of healing & teaching internationally.”

Teresa De Grosbois, Chair, Evolutionary Business Council
was with another company when working with Joel at NPA Central

“Joel’s work is powerful and transformational, yet down to earth and practical at the same time. His Satsang sessions always leave me enlightened and inspired. Try his work at http://www.nonpersonalawareness.com”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Martin Young, hired Joel as a Health and wellbeing in 2009,
and hired Joel more than once

“Joel is an amazing individual of highest integrity and crative impact. His profound NPA method is sure to help millions across the globe to shift to deeper peace within, greater expression of themselves and unprecedented personal growth and unfolding – all within minutes. Change can be that simple!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Naraya Urban-Winterfeldt, hired Joel as a Personal Development in 2010, and hired Joel more than once

“Only very occasionally do you meet people with the potential to shift humanity to a new paradigm. Joel Young is one of those people. He is a visionary leader in the field of human consciousness and his pioneering work with NPA is moving and shaking people around the globe.”

Gina Hardy, Founder, Conscious Union
was with another company when working with Joel at NPA Central


Joel Young has nearly 20 years experience of facilitating transformation internationally.

Joel originally worked in IT & Marketing in the field of Orthopaedics but made the career shift when he became fascinated with personal development and human dynamics.

Over the years, Joel has trained in The Journey Method, NLP, Shamanism, and The Work of Byron Katie (Author of ‘Loving What Is’).

In 2007, he created The NPA Process, a unique and ground breaking personal development technique, which he has taught to people in over 18 countries.

He regularly appears on international radio and has contributed to and written magazine articles published around the globe. Joel’s vast experience is the foundation of his private practice on Harley Street (London).

Joel is also on the board of The Evolutionary Business Council, a global network of influencers and thought leaders committed to mutual support and collaboration with the common vision of making the world a better place and a profit along the way.

In 2014 Joel and Arnold Timmerman started their company 3811 to roll out international personal development programs, 2-1 coaching, books and corporate change programs.

Joel is passionate about identifying and improving relational dynamics at both a personal and organisational level.

When Joel is not working, he loves playing and writing music. He helps his long-time partner run her Yoga Retreats, loves photographing nature and is never far away from his next 18 holes of Golf.

International Teacher & Speaker
Creator of Non-Personal Awareness & The NPA Process
Co-founder of The Inner Journey Clinic on Harley St., London
Board Member of The Evolutionary Business Council
Senior Trainer & Journey Practitioner
International Presenter for The Journey™ (2005-2009)
Global Partner, My Chief Wellness Officer
Director 3811, international company that delivers bespoke corporate change programme ‘Excel in Change™’ and personal development tracks amongst which Dogma Detox™.


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