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“As an alternative to sessions with me, I personally recommend the people below. They have undergone rigorous NPA training, have lots of NPA experience and do fantastic 1:1 work”

Joel Young, Creator of The NPA Process

People I Recommend for 1:1 NPA Sessions

Clare Jackson


Location: Norfolk, UK
Sessions: Online (& in person when UK restrictions lift)
Languages: English

Clare has been a Certified Teacher of NPA since 2012, and since then has worked with hundreds of clients across a huge breadth of issues.

She loves to share and teach NPA and see people’s surprise when they realise how incredibly simple and beautifully effective it is. And, best of all, the unexpected positive changes that happen effortlessly as they embrace the non-personal perspective

Visit Clare’s website where you will find prices and a calendar to book your sessions. If you would like to meet Clare before working with her, or ask her any questions, please book a complimentary 15 minute call. Just use the buttons below:

Marja Koivisto


LocationHelsinki, Finland
SessionsOnline & in person
LanguagesEnglish, FinnishSwedish

Marja specialises in guiding her clients through their human change processes and she has a vast understanding of change also through her own experience of big leaps both in career and in personal life.

She has nearly 20 years of experience in guiding her clients in various fields of wellbeing and self-leadership.

Before that she had a career in corporate business and has maintained and trained herself to help people in rapidly changing work environments to feel happy and fulfilled about their work – and their life.

NPA’s ideology of all being energy and thus fluid and rapidly changeable has been one of the fundamental influencing ideas in her work with clients since 2010. It allows the possibility of economical, easy and relatively effortless change to happen.

Marja graduated as a Certified NPA Teacher in 2011 and has been teaching NPA since then.

Use the buttons below to book a free 15 minute clarity call with Marja and visit her website:

Whatever your situation, you deserve to get it dealt with, these people can help and NOW is the time!

These beautiful people work independently of Joel Young | NPA Central running their own practice in their own way.  My recommendation implies no liability or guarantee. All liabilities and agreements are made directly between you and them without recourse to Joel Young | NPA Central.

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