The NPA Experiential – Non-Personal Awareness

The NPA Experiential

How To Stop Taking Things Personally & Step Confidently
Into Your Beautiful, Powerful Self

Event takes place in Sawbridgeworth, Herts on May 20th 2017 (9am-5pm)
Tickets £147

This event will give you the tools to make these
4 Fundamental Shifts...

Stand tall in who you are regardless of other people's opinions
Stand Tall

• If you are sensitive to criticism and repeatedly hold yourself back because the fear of what others might think or say keeps you paralysed and stuck...

• If this has stopped you from truly stepping up and being the amazing, impactful person you know you are inside...

• If you're tired of feeling powerless and are ready for change...

• Then join Joel for this day, learn how to set yourself free from the impact of other people's opinions and start experiencing what it feels like to be effortlessly, confidently YOU in the world. 

Discover life beyond the labels that have kept you small
Beyond Labels

• If you know there's a greatness in you but can't seem to 'get it out there', then chances are there are hidden labels you have taken on from others that are keeping you held back...

• This day will teach you how subtle and surprising labels can become the foundation of limiting identities AND how to let them go in a simple, quick and easy way...

• When you shift these identities, all the beliefs, emotions and behaviours associated with them leave all by themselves...

• You'll find yourself automatically more free, functional and effective at creating the life you know you're here to live!

Start communicating with clarity, passion and power
Clear Communication

• If you feel like your perspective rarely get's heard or acknowledged...

• If you often come away from 'tricky' conversations feeling confused, drained and like somehow what you wanted to say got lost along the way... and perhaps you wanted to express a grievance but somehow now you feel like you're the one in the wrong...

• This day will guide you to the understanding that YOU MATTER!

• A natural side effect of what you'll learn on this day is that you start getting really clear that you matter... that what matters to you matters... and you start feeling confident and strong in yourself... From there, communication gets very clear and you start feeling seen and heard... this is a game changer.

Embrace behaviours that allow sustainable change
Honouring Your Pace

• If you put constant pressure on yourself to be more healed, more enlightened or just more somehow, then you've probably experienced a 'boom and bust' cycle on the awakening path...

• This day will offer you perspectives which encourage you to: 
   • Honour your pace,
   • Drop the internalised expectations you have taken on from others
   • End the comparison roller coaster
   • And get aligned with the natural order of your evolution...

• The irony is, that when you do this, you'll find your transformational experience gets smoother, easier and more sustainable than you ever thought possible.

At This Fun, Practical & Transformational Event

you will learn & experience these 6 Key Concepts & Practices:
The Power of Awareness

Shift Your Vibration at the speed of light 

Discover the 3 Aspects of Awareness that power the process of change and how the magic starts when you focus them on the non-personal nature of reality

The Gift of Embracing Your Humanity

The Gift of letting you be you 

​Find out how the radical 'Multiple Perspectives Model' will help you deal with paralysing inner conflicts and take the brakes off for true transformation

How To Let Things Go

Freedom from the burdens of a lifetime 

In your practice sessions, you will work with The NPA Process to actively let go of the things that have been dragging you down, keeping you stuck or perhaps even caused you suffering your whole life.

Why "It's not personal"

Simple Science that will blow your mind 

Learn how science tells us that fundamentally nothing is personal and how you can use this understanding to set yourself free

A Simple Technique To Stop Taking Things Personally

The NPA Process has helped thousands 

Get a full training on how to use the simple NPA Process. There are practical sessions so you will experience it for yourself and take away a proven tool for life!

How To Manifest Your Dreams

Opening to the potential you long for 

Discover how you have 'excluded' yourself from the things you want but don't have, and how The NPA Process let's you open the door to your dreams. There's a practical session on this, so you get to start on the day!

This day will help you stop taking things personally and
start living a freer, more authentic life

Event takes place in Sawbridgeworth, Herts on May 20th 2017 (9am-5pm)
Tickets £147

Joel Young

The Creator & Custodian of The NPA Process

Joel is a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness and a genuine 21st Century Heretic, with over 20 years experience of healing & teaching internationally. 

Joel describes how in January 2007 he received a revelation in answer to a prayer. He was ‘given’ a simple process, and a profound understanding to share. He called the process: "The NPA Process" and in just a few years has seen it spread to over 18 countries transforming thousands of lives.

Joel is renowned for his combination of skill, compassion and creativity. His understanding of human dynamics, his emotional fluency and his open, gentle-yet-firm approach, make him a perfect guide for you, if you're looking to make a significant difference to the quality of your life experience.​

What His Peers Say About Joel...

Brandon Bays

Author of "The Journey: A Practical Guide To Healing Your Life & Setting Yourself Free"

"Joel is the best therapist in the northern hemisphere and a living expression of Grace" 

Teresa de Grosbois

Chair of The Evolutionary Business Council and owner at Wildfire Workshops, Calgary, Canada

"Joel is a top notch speaker and trainer who is passionate about helping others achieve higher levels of success" 

Nick Williams

Author of "The Work You Were Born To Do" and founder of Inspired Entreprenuer, London

"Joel is a great guy dedicated to service & helping people liberate themselves so they can be their best selves" 

Sam Nolan-Smith

Host of iTunes top rated "Change The Game" podcast, Australia

"Joel is an amazing teacher who has the ability to explain vast and extraordinary truths in a way which is both easy to understand and to apply in life" 

Here's just some of the results people have experienced
with The NPA Process:

  • Emily’s autistic stepson has experienced peace and tranquillity for the first time
  • Two year old Jasmine no longer has an ‘incurable’ skin virus
  • Damien has given up smoking
  • Susanne has let go of Eczema
  • Paulla has stopped her eye from constantly ‘watering’
  • Laura & many others have let go of exhaustion
  • Barry has finally let in love
  • Harriet & others have noticed the headaches stop
  • Anne watched 18 years of depression leave in two minutes!
  • Valerie has let go of a lifetime of pain
  • Joel & many others have lost weight and become much fitter
  • Andrea’s 3 week asthma attack subsided within minutes
  • Sarah has cleared her debt and imminent bankruptcy in 1 month
  • Kathryn has moved from a state of financial crisis to a state of regular, healthy, wealthy income in just 33 days

What People Are Saying About These Workshops with Joel...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

There really is nothing like experiencing it first hand

“I just took the workshop with Joel, and I really didn't know what I was in for and I was surprised over and over by the simplicity of it, and the power of it. I saw the process on the website and tried it, and liked what I experienced just within that 10 minutes at home. But it was nothing compared to what the workshop called forth. There is so much in the way of content, so much in the way of sharing with other people and, even though I knew the process, I was catapulted into wonderful new insights. So there really is nothing like experiencing it first hand.

Philip Shepherd (Author of "New Self, New World", Canada)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

If you get a chance, jump on board

“From the very first NPA run-through (at the workshop) I ended up releasing 8 months of depressed, low, heavy energy into peels of hysterical laughter... So I'm very happy! If you get a chance, jump on board. Joel is awesome and his process that he birthed is quite magical!

Liza Hindmarch (Holistic Life Coach, Canada)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I find I don't take offence or get defensive with people

“I was amazed how quickly the technique moved me to a new perspective… I find I'm much more 'together', don't take offence or get defensive with people (one person in particular) and can 'see through' them ... and it now doesn't bother me, as I just don't take it on board. I'm more 'myself', and seeing them more truly - but no bitterness, just compassion and still caring about them. It truly is 'not personal' for me anymore.

Nola Wicks (New Zealand)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I've started to experience a wonderful freedom

“I do not feel as guilty as before. I've started to feel that I am not responsible for other's lives and I have the right to live my own life and do what I would like to do. I've started to experience a wonderful freedom.

Mikkola Ritva (Business Controller, Finland)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

People tell me I look radiant

“Dear Joel, just to let you know that I have really enjoyed your workshop! People tell me I look radiant and... it can't be denied that your work has shifted lots inside of me. Never before has process work been such a physical experience for me. Amazing. I loved the way you present. As if 'nobody' is there. In other words: not personal. Beautiful!

Lucie Voskuil (Holland)

Is this Course Right for You?


  • You genuinely want to make a difference in your life
  • You are open to new ideas and are willing to try new things
  • You are willing to 'roll your sleeves up' and practice the process with other group members (under the care and guidance of Joel and his staff)
  • You'd love a new 'tool' in your toolkit to help you continue to stay free and step into your full potential
  • You're up for some fun, lightness and laughter as you learn and let go
  • You love being part of the small group experience... sharing and connecting with like-minded Souls

Coach? Therapist? Bodyworker?

If you work one-on-one with clients, or in your work setting, then The NPA Process is a wonderful additional tool with which you can use serve your people. And many people have said that the non-personal perspectives have enriched their approach to the work they do.


  • You just want the info but are not up for the practice
  • You're set in your ways and are unwilling to question some ideas about who you are and why you are here
  • You are looking for 'everything' to be cleared in a single day... While there are opportunities to genuinely shift a surprising amount of baggage on the day, Joel's primary intention is to teach you what you need to take NPA forward and get the most from it in your life
  • You don't believe that deep transformation and spiritual awakening can sit alongside a sense of fun, lightness and a little colourful language
  • You expect 'Guru Perfection' from Joel. He's not that, and loves his humanity as much as his 'enlightened' perspectives


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